The iLabs Singularity Summit was held in Milan on March 5th 2011.

The talks are available for download under a Creative Commons license in the Streaming section of this site.

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Gabriele Rossi was born the 12th of July, 1959, in Milan. Scientist and entrepreneur, he graduated summa cum laude in Economics from Bocconi University, he is a MENSA member, Diagramma C.E.O. and Director of iLabs AI department.

Raymond Kurzweil, inventor, scientist and enterpreneur. Born in New York February 12, 1948, he graduated in Computer Science and Literature from MIT. Defined "the restless genius" by the Wall Strett Journal, he is one of the most important inventor of his age and a prominent thinker on Singularity and related issues.

Antonella Canonico was born the 12th of April, 1961, in Gavirate (Varese). Graduated in Psychology from University of Lubjana with a dissertation on the fear of death, she further specialized in the psychology of cognitive processes, PNL, meditation and mind-body relations. She is Director of iLabs psyconeurophysiology department.

Aubrey de Grey, scientist. Born in London on April, 20, 1963, graduated in Computer Science from Cambridge, he is an expert in the field of gerontology. He is co-founder and Chief Science Officer of SENS Foundation, which develops anti-ageing strategy according to the SENS agenda.

The Stage 1 of the RoadMap to iLabs Singularity Summit is devoted to the transhumanist world. Humanity+ Chairman David Orban, representatives from the two Italian transhumanist associations, experts and researchers on Singolarity took part to the conference, that featured six main speeches and a final discussion.


Stage 2 of the RoadMap is devoted to the presentation of iLabs Singularity Summit new website. The final version of the portal contains a detailed presentation of the event, info on the main speakers and the latest news on the conference.


Stage 3 of RoadMap was organized with Mensa Italia. At Art Hotel Navigli in Milan, Gabriele Rossi and Antonella Canonico gave a speech to MENSA members on A.I. and psychoneurophysiology.


Stage 4 of RoadMap is focused on the insurance business. iLabs present the core ideas behind the Singularity, exploring the potential impact of this development on the financial (business models and governance rules) and medical world (health care management and massive A.I. use).


Stage 5 of RoadMap is devoted to university. iLabs scientists meet researchers from academia to explore and analyze the great research opportunities in science and philosophy opened up by the Singularity scenario.

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